Benefits of organic landing pages

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be a powerful tool for driving potential customers to your website. When talking about landing pages, most people think pay-per-click, where the input of a destination URL into Google’s or Bing’s paid search offerings hopefully allow marketers to drive keyword-targeted traffic to their optimized landing page. The only problem is an overwhelming majority of visitors prefer organic search and PPC campaigns are not cost effective.

At Top search we offer landing pages specifically optimized for free organic search. We utilize a unique technology that combines speed with an easy to read format that allows search algorithms to easily access the information they need. We can build out many valuable sub-domains off a single landing page domain, with each sub-domain considered its own unique website. With its easy to read format our landing page can be filled with the keyword-rich unique content that that your visitors will find extremely engaging and useful.

A Top Search SEO landing page will not only perform well in competitive organic SERPs but it’s content format helps persuade users to take a desired action, this is to visit your main website, send an email message, contact you by phone or order a product or service directly from the landing page. As an added bonus Top Search landing pages act as high page rank links back to your website and social media.